Charleston Gazette story on Phase III work

Newest Streetscape Project dedicated to Fernbank Grade School

Just completed is our newest project – a beautiful stone sign that holds the Fernbank Elementary School bell. The bell was donated by Harry and Buffy Wallace. Knockout Roses have just been planted – donated by Wilda Gritt with the approval of Charleston Beautification Committee in memory of Clara Thomas.

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A Friends of Fernbank Fund has been established – if you are interested in contributing, please send in your contributions – make your check payable to BRNA and mail c/o Terrell Ellis & Associates, PO Box 1925, Charleston, WV 25327. Photo below shows the area.

Bridge Road streetscape

If you are a Facebook member, please join the Bridge Road Neighborhood Association group on Facebook. Many of the shops & businesses in the area also have facebook group pages – search for your favorite shop and join their group to receive email blasts on events & special sales.